Python Programming

It's What I Do

Programming has long been a hobby of mine, and I am currently working on several projects.

The language that I program in is that of Python - more specifically, Python3 - and I have several repositories on GitHub and even a PyPI application.

I like to focus on game development, programming for chess, and solving fun challenges on websites such as Hackerrank or Project Euler.

Currently, these are the projects that I am most proud of:


This is a chess engine that is capable of playing at the same level as most amateur chess players. It uses advanced pruning techniques and libraries to calculate future move possibilities and then react accordingly. This includes minimax and alpha-beta pruning.


My program has achieved some internet fame on Reddit and been starred and forked on GitHub multiple times. This program will form a multi-level piechart visualization of chess opening moves from any database to any depth!

It can also shade the segments of this graph based on win percentage, and is downloadable and interactive. You can install it with pip install chess-graph or visit the link below to find out more.

Link to GitHub account:

Look at the Gallery!

Would you like to see a gallery of the coding projects that I have done, with screenshots and demonstrations? Just click below to learn more and be redirected to some images of my programs!