So, wanna write a book?

Want to write a book?

It's hard getting started writing, especially on your first novel or creative work. This can be especially true for you if you are a child or teen writer . So, the big question: how to write a novel?

Here's the answer: work with me. I'm more than happy to make your dream a reality and guide you through the proccess of having that idea in your head show up in a book in someone's hands.

Wait, What? How does this work?

See yourself on bestseller lists


Employ the same strategy that I used to great effects and get your book out there!

It's all free and fast


Nothing makes me happier than see another fellow writer do well, and I know how hard it is to get started. So just contact me to get the ball rolling!

Well then, write!

Just Contact Me About Your Project!

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Good Luck and Have Fun Writing

I really hope that I will be able to help you this way, and don't be afraid to write! Don't forget to spread the word about this! The more the merrier, and the more people here the better I can make this!

Simon Ilincev

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