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I've currently written The Fictional War, the first book in The Trilogic Worlds series. Book Two, The Impossible War, is in the works! 

I was inspired to write because of my extensive reading and the own story that I have been mulling over in my head. Eventually, I decided to sit down at my desk and start typing, and a year later it led to becoming a published author. I focus on Coming of Age Fantasy and Alternate Fairy Tales as my main sub-genres.

Who I Am

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I am a voracious reader and passionate writer. I published my first novel, The Trilogic Worlds: The Fictional War, when I was just thirteen years old. I've has entered several small writing competitions successfully. I split my time between writing and counting down the days until the next school holiday. My other hobbies include metal detecting for WWII artifacts with friends and practicing for Rubik’s Cube competitions.

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Simon Ilincev writing the next manuscript, The Impossible War (Book 2 of the Trilogic Worlds)

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For Teens by a Teen

I hit the publish button for The Fictional War when I was 13. That means there's not doubt this book isn't for you young fantasy-lovers.

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Serious Writing

Hundreds of hours have been put into editing my books, reading books about writing, and researching novel elements.

My book, The Trilogic Worlds: The Fictional War.

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Right now, I have two books in the series available. The first is FREE on Amazon for now, and the second is available for pre-order. You can find my books here.


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