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I am a high school sophomore studying in the capital of the Czech Republic, a 2x author, and dedicated programmer. I’ve been studying Python for the past three years, advancing to the level of intermediate/advanced with over two hundred stars to my GitHub name, and enjoy writing backend and utility programs.

Programming has always been a hobby of mine, and since early 2019 I have put time and effort into making that hobby a career path. Since then, the full breadth of the journey that a software engineer takes has been revealed to me, and I have taken on the challenge of pursuing my dream of becoming a full-time programmer.

Currently, I’m continuing in my Python studies both in and out of school, as well as learning Java and JavaScript on the side for the sake of knowing a statically + dynamically typed language and the ability to create websites to visually display my backend code.

Other than that, I enjoy writing fantasy novels, playing chess, and biking around the city.

biking around the neighborhood
Favorite mode of transportation: biking!