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I am a high school senior studying in the capital of the Czech Republic, 2x author, and dedicated programmer. I’ve been studying Python for the past four years, and have now advanced to the level of upper intermediate with over three hundred stars to my GitHub name. Programs I most often write center around productivity and language-learning.

Coding has always been a hobby of mine, and since early 2019 I have been putting time and effort into making that hobby a career path. But regardless of where the future takes me, I know that I’ll be approaching it with confidence.

But my goal is ultimately computer science; I’m continuing in my Python studies both in and out of school, as well as learning NuxtJS and SQL in order to better create full-stack web applications.

Outside of programming, I enjoy reading novels, learning Mandarin, and swimming.

biking around the neighborhood
Favorite mode of transportation: biking!